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Create a magnificent art school portfolio

Get into the best art schools in the US

Launch a successful career

Join the thousands of successful students who get into their dream art colleges in the US!

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One-on-one classes

We offer one-on-one classes. Our tutors are world-renowned artists who are passionate about helping students reach their creative potential.

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Take your skills to the next level

Let’s get creative! Draw Study courses are designed to help you develop your skills in a nurturing and productive environment.

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Create unique projects

Surprise an admission committee with your unique portfolio. Show your passion and tell your unique story through the art you create.

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Guaranteed success

Draw Study guarantees that after taking the course you’ll be able to ace any tests and surprise the admission committee with your portfolio and the skills you’ve honed over the year of work. Show that you’re the best applicant!

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Preparing for the most selective art schools in the US

At Draw Study, we are committed to helping you achieve your dream of attending the college of your choice. From filling out paperwork to meeting deadlines — we'll be there for you. Let's make your dream of attending the best art schools in the US a reality!

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Full personalized support

We fully understand how much support aspiring artists might need! We’re here to ensure you’ll find your muse, unveil your unique style, improve your skills and prepare a fantastic portfolio that’s going to surprise even the most selective college!

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You are ONE click away

from getting into the world of art!

Draw Study will help you prepare for a fantastic career in the world of art!

We understand the difficulties and challenges that come with applying to colleges in the States. Draw Study is here to help! We'll take care of the worrying, so you can focus on what you love most.
Let's make your dreams a reality together!