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Sewing and clothes making course

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Master sewing machine! Our lectures will guide you through the entire process. Learn to sew and make beautiful clothes with us!

Do you want to create beautiful clothes? Feel excited to learn everything about operating a sewing machine? Looking forward to working with clothes sewing patterns and learning to modify them? Our incredible fashion designers will teach you navigate the whole craft from scratch and guide you to great results. We will start from the very basics and proceed to sewing incredible clothes. You will manage everything with us even if you are a complete beginner :)

With our sewing course, at the start we will dive into the details of working with a sewing machine and practice on small fashion accessories. We will then move into clothes, learning to take measures, pin textiles, and sewing everything together into one amazing piece. Gradually we will learn to make our own stunning fashionable skirt, exciting hoodie or and elegant dress. We will provide you with everything you need including top notch equipment, sewing machines, overlocks, huge selection of textiles and much more.

Sewing and clothes making is very suitable for beginners, we will cover everything you might need to know. And the course is full of practice and helpful tips, which will prove very useful in your further independent practice. With our guidance you will learn to sew original, contemporary pieces and bring your ideas to life. Sign up now and learn to make inspiring fashion clothes. We are looking forward to seeing you at Draw Planet!

What to bring with you? Nothing 🙂  All the materials and supplies are always provided to you for free at Draw Planet!

Course is taught in English!

You don’t need to buy anything extra for the course. All the materials and equipment will be prepared and provided for you at the studio.

If it happens that you can’t come to a lecture, we will offer you replacement dates. No worries, you won’t miss anything.

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  • Friendly and inspiring Draw Planet atmosphere
  • With us you will learn quickly and make great progress
  • One lecture once a week, same day every week
  • All top quality supplies are always provided for free
  • Nice professional lecturers and effective programs
  • Perfect for beginners. We will help and support you
  • There are 12 lectures + 1 bonus lesson at the end
  • Each lecture is 3 hours. Course is 39 hours total
  • 7300 CZK for the whole course including materials
  • It is just 187 CZK for each hour of fun and learning

If you miss a lecture – we will do our best to replace it for you! Just write us an email.

Look at students who started with this course. You will manage this too. Learn to create with Draw Planet!



Ivana is famous and prominent fashion designer, artist and a drawer. Her graphic and design works attract you with its immense emotionality and incredible vision. After her textile design studies at Hradec Kralove and postgraduate degree in Bratislava, she has crafted a unique signature style. Her fashion collections unite actual trends and futuristic materials. She has a lot of experience both with conceptual collections and tailor made practical commissions. She is very approachable, empathetic and accurate. She loves sharing all the knowledge she has both from drawing, industrial design and fashion scene.

Rebeka M

Art and design disciplines contain many components. Especially fashion fields. From design and business to marketing and production – rarely someone has a good grasp of all of these aspects. Do you know who knows all of these fashion areas? Yes, that’s our amazing teacher Rebeka! She is not only a precious and creative fashion designer, expert on everything in the fashion field, but she can also advise her students concerning promotion, advertising and shops. As well as production, sewing and design. Her excellent ideas have already been realized under her new fashion brand. Rebeka has just received a Master’s degree in Fashion Design too. She tutors fashion design, sewing and others.


Ever curious and fun Veronika is able to make 10 friends in ten minutes. Her intensive and comprehensive fashion design studies in Zlin, combined with a lot of the experimental and commercial realizations, make a really strong lecturer out of her. She works as a fashion designer on daily basis and is also in charge of marketing and promotion her fashion brand. She is excited to share her experiences with Draw Planet students and we are very happy to work with her.

More about course

Looking for a sewing course? You are at the right address! We will explain what the sewing machine can do, how to avoid frequent beginner’s mistakes. It may look difficult to take the courage and sit for the first time in front of the sewing machine but we will show everything and explain in peace, starting from simple nice sewing of a cute textile bag. From the first lesson you will take your finished creation, which you will be proud of!

We will talk about materials, what substances are used, what kinds of threads exist. Gradually we move on to bigger tasks. We will learn how to measure properly. We’ll show it in practice on a nice top. We can also use overlock, which is an essential part of professional sewing.

Our sewing school also includes a lesson on skirt and zipping. We will teach you how to place a zipper, which type to choose and which types of clothing to fit. We have a lesson in dress modeling and editing. We can move the cut to the fabric and sew your own beautiful dress! Our sewing course is full of fun and creativity.

Still looking for a sewing course in Prague? You really don’t have to! You have already found the best one.:) You will also learn how to harmonize colors or which materials can be combined. As a final task let’s use everything we have learned and create elegant pants. We will go through the whole process from the selection of the material, through the pulling and editing of the cut to the sewing itself. And finally we take another great piece to our closet!

Come sew with us. Relax with amazing manual activity that you can practically use. In Draw Planet, sewing will be easy even for total beginners :)!

Course program


1st lecture
Introduction to sewing

Let's talk about how to use sewing machines, we'll show you different types of stitches.

We’ll make a straight sewing exercise
We’ll make and cut a pattern for cloth bag


2nd lecture
Cloth bag

Repeating the theory from the first lecture. We’ll show you different types of hems

We’ll make a hem sewing exercise
We’ll sew the cloth bag


3rd lecture

How to take measurements and how to make a pattern for a skirt

We’ll calculate the semi-circle skirt radius and create the pattern


4th lecture

How to sew a zipper and how to prepare a waistband

We’ll finishing the skirt from the previous lecture
We’ll show you how to use overlock


5th lecture
Knitted t-shirt

Theory about measurements, count, etc. and t-shirt pattern making

We’ll make a pattern for t-shirt
We’ll make the overlock sewing exercise


6th lecture
Knitted t-shirt

Assignment: We’ll sew the t-shirt and finish the edges of fabric on the overlock

7 8 9 10

7, 8, 9 and 10th lecture

How to take body measurements for the dresses and how to cut the pattern from fabric

We’ll create a pattern, transfer it to fabric and cut it
We’ll sew the dress in hand make a fitting and finish it on the sewing machine

11 12

11, 12th lecture

How to make a hoodie and how to sew a thicker fabric

We’ll cut a hoodie, make a fitting and finish it on the sewing machine

Draw Place Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any basic creative skills to enroll in your course?

Not at all! The only thing we need is your passion for art. We'll be happy to work with you even if you have zero creative skills. We organize students into small groups, and our tutors work one-on-one with each student. Within the group, all the students are on the same level. This way, we can create a welcoming environment while our experts nurture your talent and hone your skills. We're here to help you build an excellent portfolio and get you into the college of your dreams!

Can't I just look up someone's portfolio and copy their work?

Firstly, colleges take cheating very seriously. But beyond that, your portfolio should reflect your personal style, talent, and interests. You'll be hurting your chances to get into college if you use someone else's template or even plagiarize their work!

What countries are you working with?

Each part of our course is 100% remote! So you can work with us wherever you are. All you need is a good connection, a laptop, and a creative spark for creating beautiful art.

But how do I decide on the major?

That's always a tough question! We'll use your passion and background to give you majors that might work best for you. At Draw Study, we've worked with more than 40 different creative majors including architecture, industrial design, interior design, graphic design, brand identity, digital identity, illustration, web design, digital art, drawing and painting, fine art, fashion design, photography, animation, directing, editing, filmmaking, interactive media, stagecraft, arts education, game design, and many other creative fields. Our experts are excited to help you choose your future career! Book a free online consultation to learn more!

Can I work on my portfolio, while also studying at school or having a job?

Of course! Our main goal is to help you achieve your dreams. We'll create a flexible schedule that would ensure that you have enough time to work on your portfolio. We can offer classes at any time of day or night! However, it's important to keep in mind that you need to start working on your portfolio at least a year in advance! But even if you have less than a year before the application, we can offer you our intensive program with multiple classes per week. We'd love to work with you to find the best time for our classes in your life!

My portfolio is empty right now. Do I have enough time to prepare it?

Usually, our online course lasts for at least a year. Our experience with thousands of students tells us that one year is more than enough to build a strong portfolio even for the most selective schools.

Can you help me get my degree abroad?

If you want to study abroad, it'll be our pleasure to help you choose the best country for you! We'll give you the list of documents you'll have to prepare and the deadline you'll need to meet. In addition to polishing your portfolio, our experts will prepare you for the entrance exams. We have plenty of experience preparing students to study abroad, so we'll be able to give you the advice you can't find online!

What exams do I need to study abroad?

It depends on the country and the college you choose. As a rule, most of the colleges would expect you to submit your portfolio. Then, they'll ask you to pass an entrance exam followed by an interview. They usually ask about your work, your creative process, your motivation, and your hobbies. Sometimes, they'd require students to make a specific project or a drawing. Thankfully, our team is full of experts who used to work in those colleges, so we know all the secrets of acing those exams!

Will you help me moving there?

We'll be happy to handle all the paperwork necessary for it. We know how hard it can be to keep track of all those applications and lists of documents, and we'll be happy to take that burden off you. Your mentors will help with everything. Draw Study guarantees a smooth road to your creative future!

What do I need to get into an art school?

Colleges worldwide expect you to send them a portfolio, a demonstration of your creative skills, and a couple of personal statements. You'll need to pass the entrance exams and submit your documents before the deadline. Some colleges require a creative exam. Here, at Draw Study, we'll be with you every step of the way! Our professors with years of experience in the field will work closely with you to develop and improve your portfolio. We'll also provide you with training materials to improve your skills. Every student gets a personal advisor that helps them with the paperwork and reminds them about upcoming deadlines. Draw Study will ensure that you'll have the best possible portfolio for the art schools!

Who's going to work with me on my portfolio?

We have a wide array of Draw Study instructors! They're all kind and passionate professionals with a lot of teaching experience. All of them are great professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge! They'll work with you to create new masterpieces for your portfolio and improve those that you've already created!

Can you help me choose the best college for me?

We know that choosing colleges by yourself might be a daunting process. You need to choose your major and find the best colleges for it. You'll need to be aware of all the rankings and global recognition. You'll also need to know all the admission requirements. What exams do they need? What are the application dates? What fees do you need to pay? What documents do they need?
Thankfully, our assistants will help you choose the best colleges for you. We'll also help you get all the documents for admission and remind you about all the upcoming deadlines!

Can you tell more more about the training process?

With pleasure! It's a 100% remote course. Therefore, you can ask any question and get your answer right away — we provide 24/7 support for all of our students. Each group gets an expert with a lot of experience in their field. We tailor our approach to the needs and desires of every student. We'll also assign you a personal mentor who'll help you choose a major and the best college for it. They'll also help you with all the paperwork, deadlines, and anything else you might need! Draw Study will get your skills to the next level!

I have doubts if this is for me. Can you help me?

We'd be happy to! All of our experts are great artists with substantial teaching experience! Therefore, we're the best people to talk to about the creative field. We'll give you our recommendations based on your skills, preferences, and your personal style.

I don't like drawing. Can I still enroll?

Of course! Some people just don't enjoy the process this much. However, Draw Study is here to ensure that you reach your full creative potential. We'll help you select the creative majors that are not going to evaluate your drawing skills! Then, our experts will work one-on-one with you to improve in the area you do enjoy!

It must be expensive to study abroad, right?

You might be surprised, but it's actually significantly cheaper than getting the same education in the States! Moreover, in some countries, you can study for free as long as you speak their local language! European colleges would cost you from $2,000 to $15,000 a year. It'll be around $15,000-$50,000 if you want to study in the UK. Most European colleges teach their courses in English. We're here to support you through your application process. We'll help you choose the best country, college, and program to match your unique needs.

There are so many countries, though! How do I choose from them?

Most of it depends on your own preferences. You must like the country and its culture. Keep in mind that you should speak the language, too! We'll be happy to help with it. In a year, our language experts will put your proficiency to the college requirements. We'll also help you sign up for language tests, so you can submit the certificate of fluency as part of our application.
The second thing to keep in mind is the general cost of living in the country. Colleges in Slovakia, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria offer free education as long as you meet certain criteria. Spanish, French and Italian colleges are well-known for their low tuition!
Our mentors will work with you to choose the countries that would work best for you!